Fishing Game Fun Little Piano

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  • There’s Music (Happy Birthday Songs)
  • There are 2 fish ponds, with each pond there are 8 tails in total, 16 fish tails
  • The diameter of the pond is 12 cm
  • There are 4 pieces of fishing rod & nbsp ;
  • There is Piano DO RE MI FA SOL
  • There is Pop Music
  • There is Color Perception Mode (Learn to Know Color)
  • Uses 3 Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
  • Box Size 28x20x8 cm
  • 100% original product

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A very interesting game of fishing with 2 fishing ponds and complete features, very suitable for the mother to accompany the little one to play the fishing pole while learning, with a piano, and several game modes for game play for Child Learning.

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